Web Design Services Require Lifelong Learning

web design servicesI was always on the music/language side of the educational abilities continuum. I played violin as a child and then drums, for the rest of my life. As far as language, I majored in German, studied Italian, Japanese, Spanish and extremely little French. This is important as an adult in this business because working in web design services there is an ongoing need for more education, and computer code is just another kind of language. It has rules and syntax, spelling and structure that needs to be correct and in place for the communication to occur. Without it, nothing happens.

I spend time over at khanacademy.org and codeacademy.com, in order to continue my web design education in this realm, and I like it. There are free classes, that are well designed and fun. Computer education is always growing and changing. Developers create new languages all the time for different purposes and I can use them to help grow my business.

I am taking the basic courses and am working on higher level coursework. Therefore, it will only benefit this company and my clientele. I will be able to create more quickly and more complex web sites. As a result, l will be able to solve more complex design issues. On the TUCCi site for example, I need to solve what I called the “triangle and diamond” issue, which was designed by my friend Kristy at icreate-studio. It was a challenge but extremely rewarding in the end.

With the web design services business that I have, it can be hard to find the time to study, and I find myself often on a Saturday morning doing just that, beanie cap on with a cup of coffee. Continuing education is so important, and learning as much as you can from others is key. I can do it while performing a job I love. It’s perfect.