Good Custom CSS Communication, and Correct Placement

Custom CSS is essential in the look and functionality of any website. I’m assuming you might know what it is. If not, find out. Part One, Placing Your Code Well I picked up a new customer this week who was in need of getting some changes made to her site that was not quite created the way she wanted it. The site needed to be edited, functional and launched as soon as possible. When I met her, I looked in … Read More

Web Design Services Require Lifelong Learning

I was always on the music/language side of the educational abilities continuum. I played violin as a child and then drums, for the rest of my life. As far as language, I majored in German, studied Italian, Japanese, Spanish and extremely little French. This is important as an adult in this business because working in web design services there is an ongoing need for more education, and computer code is just another kind of language. It has rules and syntax, … Read More